ddp is operated by the Seoul Design Foundation.

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    About Us

    DDP: The Mecca of Design Seoul’s latest design and fashion industry starts from DDP

    Information Center

    Everyone can gain easy access to information about DDP at the information center.
    Rental of wheelchairs and strollers is available and it offers emergency services.

    Open hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00
    Closed: 02-2153-0000

    Service provided
    Seoul tourist information service
    Seoul tourist information center: +82-2-2153-0407
    Information on DDP tour
    See details on DDP tour
    Contact: +82-2-2153-0310 / 0311
    Wheelchair and stroller rental
    Stroller rental service available for: Infant aged 6 to 36 months
    Return: Until 6 PM (until 8 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays)
    Integrated lost and found control
    Contact: +82-2-2153-0308
    Missing children and elderly adults protection