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    DDP enriches the lives of
    citizens with the power of design
    DDP’s top priority is customer satisfaction


    A There is no smoking room in the DDP.
    The DDP is a public place, and smoking is not allowed in public places.
    Due to the health , environmental, fire issues, smoking is strictly prohibited in the DDP
    A There is a nursing room in the DDP.
    It is located on the first floor of the Design Lab, in the same hallway as the restroom.
    The entrances to the nursing room are D3 and D4, and there is a signage of a baby on the door
    A The DDP is closed every Monday.
    All exhibition halls are closed every Monday for cleaning, inspection, maintenance, and exhibition preparations. However, the Design Market and Design Lab are open until 10 pm.
    Dream, Design, Play
    September 17, 2014
    A The DDP welcomes everyone including designers, students studying design and culture,
    and citizens from all walks of life who are interested in design.
    A The DDP is designed to host various exhibitions to support the spread of culture and the development of design and fashion.
    It also hosts various kinds of events such as product launching parties , international conferences etc.
    A There is an infirmary on the fourth floor of the Museum.
    The infirmary is equipped with various emergency medical treatment facilities.
    A The DDP recruits competent employees when necessary.
    For detailed information about employment, please visit the DDP website(http://www.seouldesign.or.kr).
    Click on Introduction to the Seoul Design Foundation> Recruitment> Information on Recruitment.
    A For detailed information about space rentals,
    please contact to number or email below.
    Phone: +82-2-2153-0093 E mail: mei@seouldesign.or.kr
    A The DDP Lost and Found is in the Information Center.
    You can retrieve your lost items after your identity has been verified.
    A All tenants at the DDP, as well as visitors to the DDP,
    must pay for parking at the same rate.
    The DDP does not offer a discount to tenants.