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    General    I    2021-07-16 15:44:00

    Information on what to know about DDP shooting inside and outside
    Those who want to shoot inside and outside DDP

    Please read this post.

    Please be aware of the following regarding DDP internal and external shooting.



    DDP buildings are architectural works stipulated in Article 4, Paragraph 1, No. 5 of the Copyright Act, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government selected and built an architect using the current design method, and since the ownership is in Seoul, even if no procedures or forms such as registration are performed The Seoul Metropolitan Government holds the copyrights for original works, secondary works, and edited works for DDP buildings.
    Therefore, in principle, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has intellectual property rights such as the right to reproduce, the right to transmit to the public, the right to display, the right to distribute, and the right to lease the DDP building.
    In addition, the Seoul Design Foundation, which has the right to operate the DDP building, has been conducting various photography (including school assignments, photo shoots, publication photos, wedding photos, etc.) in order to prevent third parties from using photos of the DDP buildings for commercial purposes. We have to go through a pre-consultation process.
    Accordingly, photos of DDP buildings cannot be used without prior consent from the Seoul Metropolitan Government or the Seoul Design Foundation, and violation of this rule may result in punishment under the Copyright Act.